Why should the stories ever end?

Pass down the stories to future generations!
Stories Define Us
Stories Define Us

You’ve shared them for years—stories of how you fell in love, how you chased your dreams, and how you built your family. You’ve shared funny stories, sad stories, and heart-warming stories. You’ve shared the values that defined your life in decades past.

Your family’s stories matter. They tell you who you are and where you come from. We build much of our lives around the stories we tell in our families.

The Cost of Inaction
The Cost of Inaction

Neither you nor anyone else in your family will live forever. At some point, the stories will stop. You never know when that day will come. If you’re going to preserve your family’s stories for generations to come, the time is now.

Help to Save Your Stories
Help to Save Your Stories

You don’t need to tackle saving and sharing your stories on your own. It’s likely a bigger task than you can imagine. Let me help you turn your memories into a format you can easily pass on, including:

  • A professionally designed book (from a small coffee-table piece to a full-length autobiography)
  • Professionally recorded CDs
  • A blog to share your family or personal stories online
  • Or another customized solution for your needs
Hi, I'm Tobin ...
Hi, I'm Tobin ...

I’m an award-winning writer with 20 years of background interviewing people and sharing their stories in engaging prose. I’ve written hundreds of articles and ghostwritten multiple books. I would love the opportunity to help you share your story.

How I Do It

#1 Interview

Through a series of fun, introspective interviews, I'll ask questions that draw out the stories that matter from your life or the lives of a loved one. I'll record the interviews so you can save them regardless of the medium in which you choose to publish.

#2 Write

If you choose to share your stories through written content, I'll take your interview transcripts and turn them into engaging prose. You'll get to review every word to make sure your story is told your way.

#3 Publish

I'll take your photos and the professionally written and/or recorded content and create a final piece of work you can be proud to share for years to come.

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